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Equipped! To Equip The Next Generation Of Disciples

Mar 08, 2021

You and I are the current generation of disciples. We can trace our discipleship "lineage" all the way back to Jesus himself. What a privilege! But what a huge responsibility we have. It's our responsibility to ensure that there will be future generations of disciples of Jesus and that they will know the power and wonders of God.

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Here's what's happening in this episode:

Segment: Did You Hear About This?
In this segment I take a look at an issue taking place in our world and suggest how we - as disciples of Jesus - should respond to it. In today's segment, I reflect on the once-in-a-generation winter storm that hit the State of Texas in February of 2021.

Segment: Equipping Time
This is the portion of the episode when we analyze a portion of Scripture. What we're looking for are principles that will help us grow as disciples of Jesus. In today's Equipping Time, we take a look at portions of Joshua 3-4. when the people of Israel crossed over the Jordan River on dry ground. What do we do with that as disciples today?

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Praying for your growth as a disciple!
Dr. Mario

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