First, the bad news:

After careful consideration, I've decided to suspend production of The Christian Bro Code Podcast, YouTube channel and Facebook Page.

Now, the good news:

I will continue to provide teachings via a podcast and YouTube channel. The podcast will be new. The YouTube channel and Facebook page will be rebranded.

The teachings on the new podcast and YouTube channel will be very similar - almost identical - to what I taught in The Christian Bro Code Podcast. They will not be specifically for men, however. Instead, they will be for Christians who are seeking to grow as disciples of Jesus. The goal of the teachings is to equip you to advance the mission Jesus started.


What now?

From now on, you can find me online at

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Better yet ...

Click on the thumbnail below to sign up for this brand new workshop I created. I'm pretty excited about this one because I get to talk about discipleship. Check it out. It's completely free!


Finally ...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've received so many positive messages and comments from you and I can't thank you enough. My prayer is that I can continue to provide you teachings that help you grow.

God bless, bro!